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Light Up Your Floral Events!!!

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Shipment via Fedex Ground or USPS Priority.  Include a contact phone number for Fedex Ground.
10 Strand Light- requires (2) AA Batteries
10 Bright LED lights one spaced every 7"
            -total string length 82".
String lights OK in water-Battery box with switch must remain dry. White and Pink Available- Sold in cases of 48
      Water Pearls
   Each bottle makes 2.2 gallons of pearls.  Assorted colors: clear, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, and blue. 
FL02  Lights with string and On/Off switch. Packed in sets of (10) per bag. Great for use in Tower Vases with Water Pearls or clear glass beads. See Display picutre- (3) FL02 lights in a 24" Tower Vase with clear glass beads.
Add Ostrich feathers for a wilder look!

                 Our Number One Seller....
              Garden Party Rose Stem Cleaners

Stripping roses doesn't have to be painful.  This unique tool is a great way to strip thorns and foliage from roses.  Special handle and finger supports protect you from thorns allowing you to work quickly and safely in comfort.Stripping roses is the biggest pain for any florist.

Strip faster with two strippers and a friend!!! 

Shipped in Assorted Colors- Green,Blue and Orange.
                Free Shipping on orders to US addresses including Hawaii, PR and APO boxes.
Shipment either Fedex Ground or USPS Priority.  Include a Contact Phone number for Fedex Ground.
                  Decor  TL08 Flickering Tealights
These are higher quality, slightly larger, and approximately 30% brighter than the typical dollar store tealights  If you already use the smaller, cheaper tealights, do not mix and match for the same event as they will not look the same.  Tealights measure 1 1/2" in diameter and 1 5/8" tall.  Lights have an on/off switch on the bottom. They are packed in boxes of 12 each with 432 lights per case.  Both White and Amber are available.

10 Light Strand select Quantity/Colors:
LLB16  5" Square Light Base
Clear Base with 15 bright LED's to light up your arrangements. Requires (3) AA Batteries- batteries not included
5" Clear LLB16 Floral Bases
TL08 Tealights Quantity/Color:
(30) FL02 String Lights
(100) FL02 Lights Colors:
Select from Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, and Clear
Fill in colors required:
Garden Party Rose Strippers